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Resources for People with Lived Experience by State


  • Project Hope – Alabama reentry programs, emergency food and aid, housing assistance and much more.

  • Alabama Department of Corrections – The ADC offers an entire department dedicated to reentry. You may also find their re-entry and pre-release program helpful along with these reentry resources.

  • AIDT – AIDT offers workforce development that offers training in a wide variety of different skills. They also offer some specific services for those reentering society.

  • AIM (Aid to Inmate Mothers) –AIM has a number of services they provide from healthcare, clothing and classes.

  • Alabama Job Link – The Alabama Job Link is a state agency that offers job help to all state residents including felons and ex-offenders.

  • New Beginnings Foundation – This organization helps felons and ex-offenders reenter society by helping find housing and jobs. They also provide spiritual support and an in prison program called “Pathway to Freedom.”

  • Urban League – This organization helps with jobs, housing and healthcare. They are a national agency that has helped thousands of people including felons

  • The Foundry Ministries – The Foundry helps ex-felons re-enter society by helping people find jobs, housing and support. They have programs that range up to six months.

  • The Love Lady Center – A very powerful organization for women who are released from prison. Love Lady is a very reputable center that provides support and help for ex-offenders.

  • Alabama Department of Corrections – Alabama is one of the few states with an exceptional pre-release program. Please check into this as it is free of cost and very effective for curbing recidivism rates.

  • Shepherd’s Fold – Helps ex-offenders with jobs, finances and spiritual needs. Anti recidivism campaigns and teachings.

  • Alabama Christian Veterans Center of America – Help for veterans only.

  • Life Source – Help with drug and alcohol addiction.

  • Winners INC. – Help for women re-entering society.

  • Aid To Inmate Mothers – An organization that specializes in helping mothers behind bars and with ex-offender reentry.

  • Fountain House – Housing and reentry services for women. This is an extremely nice “halfway house”. You must be willing to get your GED and accept full time employment. This looks like a great place.

  • Renascence – This is a very nice “halfway house” that provides an excellent reentry program for ex-offenders. Please check this one out!


  • Alaska Department of Corrections: Reentry – Learn about Alaska’s reentry program.

  • Alaska Native Justice Center – Adult reentry services for ex-offenders.

  • Partners For Progress – They provide comprehensive reentry support including employment services, transitional housing assistance, counseling and mentoring.


  • Catholic Charities – Helping with reentry for ex-offenders, housing and employment services.

  • Old Pueblo Community Services – (OPCS) Welcomes men, women and families reentering the community from incarceration, military service, hospitalization, treatment– people with a strong desire to change the course of their lives. This is a wonderful organization for ex-offenders.

  • Traditions – Ex-offender reentry help with jobs and housing.

  • ViVRE – Housing assistance

  • CASS – Emergency shelter and job placement services

  • The Potters House – The Potter’s House Substance Abuse Center is an outpatient substance abuse Treatment Program.


  • Arkansas Community Correction – ACC offers a wide variety of help and programs for those reentering society.

  • Our House – Our House has three housing programs that are designed to encourage sustainability. All residents must be willing and able to find and maintain a full time job.

  • Arkansas Reentry Coalition – Great resource page. Ani recidivism information.

  • Goodwill – Career and training

  • City Of Little Rock – Reentry Information

  • Future for Felons – Disenfranchisement support


  • Timelist Group – A variety of great services are offered in northern and southern California.

  • California Reentry Program – General help with reentry

  • CRCN – General reentry information and resources

  • California Reentry Institute – Pre and Post Release Program for inmates serving in the California Department of Corrections.

  • Volunteers of America – Community based reentry programs

  • Center Force – Centerforce specializes in providing health and family supportive services to incarcerated men and women.

  • Prison Fellowship – Resources for ex-felon reentry

  • Alameda County Reentry – Resource Directory

  • I Recover – Substance abuse and addiction help

  • A Brighter Day – Free housing, new start program

  • Families Forward – Irvine, CA – They have housing programs, food assistance and also help with jobs.

  • Roots Clinic – Oakland, CA – Helps ex-offenders with chronic health issues.

  • Clean 360 – Help with employment and employment skills.


  • Colorado Department Of Corrections – Information about parole and reentry.

  • Colorado Gives – Reentry help and ani-recidivism programs

  • FOCUS – FOCUS Reentry is a mentoring program whose mission is to reduce recidivism and enhance community safety.


  • EMERGE Connecticut – This organization reached out to us to have them added to our list. They look like a top notch organization that truly helps people. There website states “EMERGE

  • Connecticut, Inc. is a Transitional Workforce Development Program with the goal of providing recently released ex-offenders in the Greater New Haven area with the opportunity to end the pattern of recidivism.”

  • Family Reentry – Looks like one of the best reentry organizations in Connecticut.

  • Project Fresh Start – City of New Haven, CT only.

  • Hartford Reentry Services – A huge list of support services


  • Delaware Center for Justice: Reentry – State sponsored reentry information

  • VOA: Delaware Valley – Volunteers of America Delaware Valley’s Re-Entry Services Division

  • has a proven record of commitment, experience, versatility and competence in operating community reintegration programs.

  • Relational Living: Second Chances – Help with pre-release training and second chance employment.

  • Sojourners’s Place – Reentry assistance.


  • Florida Department of Corrections – Reentry program for ex-offenders.

  • Project 180 – Reentry help and support.

  • Jacksonville Reentry Center – Reentry Information

  • Women at the well – Job placement and hygiene kits for women.


  • NewLife-Second Chance Outreach, Inc – Columbus, GA – Local jobs and job related services such as training and development.

  • Department of Corrections: Reentry – State run reentry program and transitional services information.

  • Georgia Reentry Partnership Housing – Re-Entry Partnership Housing (RPH) is a means to provide housing to convicted felons who remain in prison after the Parole Board has authorized their release due solely to having no residential options.

  • State Board of Pardons and Paroles: Reentry – State run program information

  • Transitional Housing Information – State run program

  • Georgia Calls – A reentry program in Georgia committed to helping formerly incarcerated and state supervised individuals develop critical job and life skills while providing much needed work opportunities.

  • Prison Fellowship – Spiritual help for ex felons/ex-offenders

  • Reentry Project, Inc. – “Re-Entry Project [Cobb County, GA.] impacts our community by lending a helping hand to young men between the ages of 20-29 years old who served time in state prisons or local jails for a period not exceeding 5 years for offenses classified as misdemeanors and some felonies not involving manslaughter, gun related offenses, drug trafficking and child molestation charges.”

  • Center for Opportunity – An initiative that has been around since July of 2013. It’s goal is to curb Georgia’s high rate of recidivism through evidence based solutions.

  • United Way Atlanta – As one of the leading nonprofit organizations in the country, United Way of Greater Atlanta raises around $80 million annually and invests in more than 140 programs that bring measurable results to our 13-county region


  • Hope Services Reentry Services – A very reputable organization that helps ex-offenders and felons with housing, jobs and skills.

  • Community Assistance Center – C.A.C. offers several programs for returning citizens. These include counseling, job and housing assistance, and life skill training.

  • Hope Services – HOPE provides transitional housing, support groups, as well as life skill training. This program is located in Hilo.

  • Makana O Ke Akua – Started in 2003, MOKA provides a drug-free living environment for men with and without criminal records. The organization currently has 7 different houses in Hawaii.

  • WorkNet, Inc. – They are a non-profit based in Honolulu that prepares ex-offenders for reentry to community living. They provide cognitive skill restructuring, referrals for vocational skill training, referrals for housing, and helping with securing identity documents.


  • Department of Corrections: Reentry – State run reentry program information

  • Reentry Source – A large organization that has branches in multiple states. They offer free reentry services for people with criminal records looking for a better life.

  • Second Chance – Provides job skill and attitude training for exoffenders. They base their work on a training program called STRIVE.

  • Offender Resources Idaho – Reentry information


  • City Of Chicago: Reentry Program – Some reentry information for felons

  • Reentry Illinois – Some information but seems outdated. Still may be useful though.

  • Safer Foundation – Help with GED exams, housing, jobs and career skills for ex-offenders.

  • Lutheran Social Services of Illinois – Reentry Services for Returning Citizens is a multi-faceted

  • statewide program that supports people released from prison.

  • Hire Network – Information about jobs for felons.

  • IDES – Re-entry Employment Service Program ran by the state of Illinois.


  • Indiana Department of Corrections: Reentry – Reentry information

  • PACE – Public Advocates in Community re-entry

  • New Leaf – programs for people both during and after incarceration that will reduce recidivism

  • and build their capabilities and life skills.

  • Churches Embracing Offenders – Faith based support

  • Brothers Keeper – Housing and support services for male ex offenders

  • Aftercare for Indiana – Services for ages 16 – 24 ONLY

  • YWCA – Help for women only

  • Dismas House – Housing and reentry program


  • Iowa Department Of Corrections: Reentry – Information about state run programs

  • Reentry Aftercare – Educational and career support

  • Shelter Listings – A long list of halfway houses, shelters and places that help those in need


  • Second Chance – Search for housing and programs

  • Oxford House – A Great reentry program with housing

  • Substance Abuse Center Of Kansas – “The Re-Entry Program was implemented to provide assessment, education, referral, and case management services to eligible inmates of the KDOC correctional institutions and upon release to those with or without supervision.”

  • Catholic Charities – Many different services for ex-felons/felons.

  • Center for Women in Transition, Inc. – “The Center for Women in Transition facilitates one-on-one mentoring partnerships between female non-violent ex-offenders.”

  • Love Inc of Columbia – Low income family help


  • Department Of Corrections: Reentry – State run reentry program

  • Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition – “The Greater Louisville Reentry Coalition is an organization established in Louisville, Kentucky, specializing in offender reentry and related issues.”

  • Kentucky Reentry – Helpful reentry programs.

  • Goodwill Of Kentucky – Reentry programs, careers and general help

  • Centerstone - Mental Health & substance abuse help

  • 2nd Chances - Job referral, community education


  • Louisiana Department of Corrections: Reentry – State run reentry program information

  • Reentry Solutions For Louisiana – Employment and housing help.

  • Lafayette Parish Sheriffs Office: Reentry – Reentry programs information

  • Goodwill Ind. – Great reentry program with career assistance


  • Department Of Corrections:Reentry For Women – A great program that is state run and funded.

  • Restorative Justice – This reentry program offers a wide variety of services and help.


  • Catholic Charities – A great reentry program for ex-offenders

  • Jericho Reentry Program – This is a 1 year program that helps males who are returning home from incarceration.

  • VOA Chesapeake Residential Reentry Center – Volunteers of America Chesapeake’s re-entry center, which is located in Baltimore, MD. This is a residential program that assists both men and women in their re-entry process.

  • Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Washington – The Archdiocese of Washington helps ex-offenders in their transition back into society. Their goal is to prevent returning citizens from going back to their former way of life.

  • DHCDC Reentry – This program provides reentry services for education, housing, employment, life skills, mental health services, and much more. There are programs for both males and females.

  • Montgomery County Reentry Resources – This is the reentry services webpage for Montgomery County, MD. There are a lot of services and information that ex-offenders can take advantage of listed here.

  • Baltimore City Employment Development – The Baltimore mayor’s office of employment development webpage is a great place to find opportunities and information that can help ex-offenders get on the right track.


  • Dismas House – “Dismas House is a supportive community that provides transitional housing and services to former prisoners.”

  • Massachusetts Recourse Organization – Tons of resources for ex-offenders reentering society.


  • Department Of Corrections: Reentry – State run reentry program information

  • Michigan Prisoner Reentry Program – “MPRI is that every prisoner will return to the community prepared for success.”

  • Goodwill Ind – “Goodwill Industries offers a broad range of employment programs and services to fulfill a diverse set of community needs.”


  • Second Chance Ranch – Group Home

  • Goodwill/Easter Seals – “Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota is well-positioned to implement comprehensive, individualized and evidence-based practices to help returning citizens find and keep a job.”

  • CMNRP – “CMNRP works with the Minnesota Department of Corrections and Community Corrections in the Tri-County area regarding recently released ex-offenders.”

  • 180 Degrees – The 180 Degrees, Incorporated skills program for offenders called SONIC stands for Skills Offenders Need In the Community.

  • Amicus – Many different services for ex-offenders.

  • Damascus Way – Services include housing and education.

  • Freedom Works – Housing for men

  • Step Ahead – An awesome resource list.

  • Re-Armor Homes – “They seek out and develop employment and housing opportunities for felons and other community members who find it difficult to find a job or a home due to their criminal background.”


  • Hattiesburg Comm Corr Center

  • Bannum Place Of Jackson

  • Bannum Place Of Tupelo

  • New Way Mississippi

  • Crossroads Outreach Ministries in Madison

  • Parole 2 Pride (p2p) – Columbus, MS – Help with jobs, training and much more


  • Missouri Department of Corrections: Reentry – State run reentry program information

  • Corizone – Tons of resource links regarding reentry

  • Power House – “Providing housing, transportation, and substance abuse recovery for offenders being released from prison.”

  • Start Here – Reentry help

  • STL Reentry – Reentry information


  • Montana Department of Corrections: Reentry – “The Montana Department of Corrections is dedicated to reducing the rate offenders return to incarceration by utilizing collaborative interagency partnerships and national best practices for reentry.”

  • Gallatin Reentry – State run reentry program


  • Department of Correctional Services: Reentry – State run reentry program information

  • Reentry Aftercare – Help for ex-offenders

  • Released and Restored – Job Readiness and reentry support


  • Hope For prisoners – “Helping men, women and young adults successfully reenter the workforce, their families and our community.”

  • Ridge House – Very nice reentry program for men, women and veterans.

  • HIRE Network – Information about jobs and bonding

New Hampshire

  • Rise Again Outreach – Food and clothing assistance

  • Alternative Solutions Associates – An excellent reentry program

  • CRJ – “transitions ex offenders back into mainstream society and diverts at-risk youth away from crime and toward a productive and fulfilling life”

New Jersey

  • JCETP – Help with training, legal aid and jobs.

  • Reentry Coalition Of New Jersey – “The Re-entry Coalition of New Jersey is an organization committed to offender rehabilitation.”

  • City Of Newark: Reentry – Reentry information for people living in or around Newark, New Jersey.

  • VOA – “serves the disconnected and socially disadvantaged persons re-entering society after periods of incarceration.”

New Mexico

  • Bernalillo County Reentry information – Information about housing and resources.

  • Mulligan House – A house for male ex-offenders.

  • Workforce Solutions – They provide workforce training and education services.

  • A Peaceful Habitation – A christian ministry that provides transitional housing, support, and services to women reintegrating into society.

  • CNM Career Guide – A useful guide by the Central New Mexico Community College. This lists college majors and if they’re viable for an ex-offender to go to school for it or not.

  • Crossroads for Women – An organization that provides housing and other reentry services to women in New Mexico.

  • PB&J – This organization offers a large amount of services and programs. Some are specifically for ex-offenders, others are just available to them.

  • Fathers Building Futures – This is a non-profit 501c3 that provides services and support to New Mexico fathers.

  • Sangre De Cristo House – This is a transitional living program for women between the ages of 18 to 25 who have a substance abuse problems.

  • St. Martins – The St. Martin’s Hospitality Center services to men and women in Albuquerque who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

New York

  • – Links and information about reentry in New York state

  • Division of Criminal Justice – Reentry Information

  • The Road To Reentry – Reentry resource guide for New York state

  • CUCS – Housing and reentry help

  • Supporting Housing Networks Of NY – “Supportive housing helps the formerly incarcerated reenter society. Through affordable housing, employment programs and other social services, supportive housing dramatically reduces the likelihood of people backsliding into jails or prisons.”

  • Second Chance Reentry – General reentry help

  • Fortune Society – Programs for felons and ex offenders in New York City

  • CEO Center for Employment Opportunities – Employment assistance

  • Just Leadership USA – Dedicated to cutting mass incarceration

North Carolina

  • Goodwill – An amazing organization the help ex-offenders by providing jobs and housing.

  • NC Department of Corrections: Reentry – General information

  • National HIRE Network: The National Helping Individuals with criminal records Re-enter through Employment Network is both a national clearinghouse for information and an advocate for policy change. The National H.I.R.E. Network also provides training and technical assistance to agencies working to improve the employment prospects for people with criminal records.

  • Prisoner Reentry Institute: Among its many publications are, “In Our Backyard: Overcoming Resistance to Reentry Housing,” “The Greening of Corrections: Creating a Sustainable System,” and “Venturing Beyond the Glass: Facilitating Successful Reentry with Entrepreneurship.” Also, see PRI’s National Directory of Reentry Resources.

  • National Employment Law Project: NELP promotes model employment policies and basic protections that allow qualified workers with criminal records to attain and retain quality jobs.

  • National Reentry Resource Center: A clearinghouse of information about state and local reentry initiatives. Publication topics include starting a reentry initiative, mentoring, performance measures, and law enforcement.

  • This site operates as a clearinghouse of materials for attorneys, social service providers, and policy reform advocates on re-entry and the consequences of criminal proceedings. Publication topics include privacy & criminal records, employment protections for people with criminal records, forging a legal Strategy to remove barriers to employment of people with criminal records. Also provides a database of advocacy toolkits.

  • Center for Effective Public Policy: The center provides assistance to criminal justice practitioners and policymakers on a variety of topics related to reentry. The center also publishes training curricula, policy and practice briefs, handbooks, video seminars, and other resources regarding reentry.

  • Reentry Policy Council: The Reentry Policy Council is a national project coordinated by the Council of State Governments Justice Center, a national nonprofit organization that serves policymakers at the local, state, and federal levels from all branches of government.

  • Reentry National Media Outreach Campaign: The Campaign is designed to support the work of community and faith-based organizations through offering media resources that will facilitate community discussion and decision making about solution-based reentry programs. The Project Documentation toolbar is particularly useful.

North Dakota

  • ND Department Of Corrections: Reentry – Reentry information

  • Compassion For All – A few resources that may be helpful.

  • Northlands Rescue Mission – A faith-based organization that helps homeless individuals to rebuild their life. Located in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

  • Centre Inc. – Centre stands for Community Extended Nuclear Transitional Residence for Ex-Offenders. They have 3 locations: Fargo, Grand Forks, and Mandan. They offer a large amount of programs and assistance to returning citizens.

  • Legal Services of North Dakota – They are a non-profit 501c3 organization serving low income and the elderly with legal assistance. They provide free legal services for these populations in ND.


  • Department Of Corrections – Reentry information

  • The Exit Program – “The EXIT Program ® (Ex-offenders in Transition) is a 90-day transitional housing program that helps offenders in Ohio make a successful transition to the community upon release from prison or jail.”

  • Community Action Agency – “CAA assists ex-offenders in finding employment by providing services with a special focus on the unique barriers ex-offenders often face.”

  • Montgomery County Reentry – Reentry programs for ex-offenders.

  • Cuyahoga County Office Of Reentry – “The goal of the Office of Reentry is to assist policymakers, community leaders and service providers to identify the reentry challenges facing.”

  • North Star Reentry – Reentry programs

  • Alvis House – Housing and Reentry

  • Columbus Urban League – Help for low income and in need people.

  • IMPACT Community Action – Support for offenders reentering society.

  • TOUCH – Ex-offender Mentoring and help.


  • Reentry.Gov – State provided reentry information

  • OK Partnership For Reentry – Links and Information

  • Genesis One – Reentry and other help

  • Tulsa Reentry One Stop – Reentry help for ex-offenders and felons.


  • Mercy Corp – Reentry transition Center

  • Oregon Reentry – Road to Success is an Oregon Department of Corrections program for inmates who are six, or fewer, months away from their release dates.

  • Worksource – This organization is a state run employment agency that can help you find work.

  • VOA of Oregon – “Portland Partners Re-entry Initiative (PPRI) is a unique transition program that helps adults who have been incarcerated make the transition from prison back to the community.”

  • Regional Reentry Center – A great program that consists of housing, food and job assistance.


  • CRESC – Support information for ex offenders.

  • Friends Over Fences – Help with training, jobs and housing.

  • IMPACT – Reentry help.

  • Prison Society – A list of housing organizations for Ex-offenders.

  • Human Rights Watch – Links and information about reentry in Pennsylvania.

  • Monroe County Reentry – Some information may be helpful.

  • RISE – Philadelphia Reentry Information

  • Pennsylvania Society of Prisons – A great resource.

Rhode Island

  • DOC: Reentry – Information from the state.

  • Open Doors – “Walk-in resource center, located at 485 Plainfield Street in Providence, accepts drop-in visits from any formerly incarcerated person.”

  • Providence House – Reentry and parole program

South Carolina

  • Alston Wilkes Society – Statewide help for ex-offenders reentering society.

  • SC211 – A list of reentry programs and housing in South Carolina

  • Jump Start Program – Pre release and post release help.

South Dakota

  • The HOPE Center – Established in 2010 by the First United Methodist Church in downtown Rapid City, SD. They have a large amount of programs and services that ex-offenders will find helpful in their reentry process.

  • Dakota Plains Legal Services – Their mission is to promote equal access to justice and improve the lives of low income individuals. They provide free legal services to individuals that could otherwise not afford them.

  • LSS – This is the Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota. They provide a lot of different services, some of which are focused on ex-offenders and reentry.


  • Tennessee reentry program – Many helpful links

  • Corizon – General reentry services

  • Memphis Office Of Reentry – City run reentry program


  • Texas Department of Justice: Reentry – State run reentry program information.

  • TORI – Texas Offenders Re-entry Initiative.

  • City of Houston: Reentry – Houston, Tx reentry information.

  • Unlocking Doors – Reentry help.

  • Cornerstone – Helps with housing and employment.

  • Tarrant County links for reentry

  • Tarrant County Reentry – “We are developing and executing a long-range strategy aimed at breaking the devastating cycle of recidivism in tangible ways.”

  • Paradise Independent Living – Help with housing in Texas, Mississippi and Alabama.


  • Active Reentry – “Active Re-Entry is a community based program which assists individuals with disabilities to achieve or maintain self-sufficient, productive lives and live independently within their own communities.”

  • Salt Lake County – “The purpose of Re-Entry is to assist inmates to prepare for their transition from jail back to the community by developing a re-entry plan to minimize the risk the inmate will return to jail.”

  • Recourse and Reentry Center – “Our program is not a handout program but a hand up program to assist those who are committed to working hard to better their lives.”

  • Compassion Works For All – Helpful links


  • Burlington Housing Authority – Help for ex-offenders in finding affordable housing.

  • 2-1-1 – Tons of links for reentry programs, help and housing.

  • COSA – The Brattleboro Community Justice Center helps improve ex-offender’s process of reentry into their community. They address the issues a returning citizen faces, and provides services to help ease the transition.

  • Mercy Connections – This is a program for women that helps promote meaningful and supportive relationships in their lives as well as strengthen their communities.

  • Orleans County RJC – The Orleans County Restorative Justice Center’s Offender Re-Entry program provides resources for those returning to their communities.

  • Burlington Housing Authority – The Burlington Housing Authority’s Re-Entry Housing Program assists ex-offenders with housing placement.

  • Dismas of Vermont – They provide ex-offenders with the help and support to transition back into their communities. They are a non-profit 501c3 who operate 4 homes in the state of Vermont.

  • VABIR – Statewide reentry information and links


  • VA DOC: Reentry – “The Department of Corrections is providing re-entry transition services to offenders through partnerships with local jails.”

  • Virginia CARES – “Virginia CARES operates a statewide network of ex-offender reentry programs to provide transitional assistance.”

  • City of Norfolk: Reentry – General Information and phone numbers

  • Adult Alternative Program – “Start your new life after prison with our effective ex-offender reentry program based in Richmond, Virginia.”


  • DOC Reentry – Information about the state run reentry program

  • Next Steps Re-Entry Program – A pathway from prison to higher education

  • ACLU of Washington – They provide legal solutions and resources to people with criminal records.

  • The STAR Project – STAR is a non-profit 501c3 based out of Walla Walla, WA. They help people being released from incarceration with tools to reintegrate back into their communities.

  • Pioneer Human Services – Pioneer provides a series of residential solutions for ex-offenders in Washington state.

  • New Connections – A reentry service that provides safe housing to returning women.

  • Seattle Goodwill – Goodwill of Seattle offers a large amount of programs that ex-offenders can take advantage of.

  • 4People – This site is an online directory of offender & ex-offender resources for the state of Washington. It is broken down by county, and has a lot of helpful information and services.

  • The Opportunity Council – This is a non-profit community action agency that works with low income families and the homeless. Returning citizens can benefit from their services a lot.

West Virginia

  • WV DOC: Reentry – State run reentry information

  • WorkForce West Virginia – Workforce of WV helps any individual who lives in West Virginia find stable employment. They offer a lot of training and education as well that ex-offenders can take advantage of.

  • Rea of Hope – This is a series of sober living environments for women with substance abuse problems.

  • Kanawha Valley Fellowship Home – Based in Charleston, WV, this is a transitional living program for people with a history of substance abuse.

  • Covenant House – Founded in 1981, Covenant house of WV is dedicated to providing services for people in need as well as creating social change.

  • KISRA – Their Second Chance Mentoring Program helps non-violent ex-offenders successfully reintegrate back into their community.

  • Lifeway Center – The Roark-Sullivan Lifeway Center offers a bunch of programs that returning citizens can benefit from. These include life skill training, healthcare services, and transitional housing.


  • Job Center of Wisconsin

  • EATA – An organization that provides employment training and public assistance to returning citizens.

  • Center for Self-Sufficiency – This is a non-profit organization that works to strengthen families and reduce poverty. It isn’t specific to ex-offenders, but there are a lot of services and programs offered that ex-offenders would benefit from.

  • Justice Works, Ltd. – Justice Works’ reentry program is called TEAM (Teamwork for Employment Access through Mentoring.) It offers a lot of services and resources for ex-offenders in Portage County, WI.

  • Racine Vocational Ministry – A faith based organization that was created to help returning citizens with job training, job preparedness, and social services. Their re-entry program is called The Second Chance program.

  • New Song Ministries – A non-profit 501c3 corporation founded in 1994, they provide faith based services for people exiting jails and prisons.

  • The Nehemiah Center – This organization works with returning African American ex-offenders who are transitioning back into society.

  • Wisconsin Community Services – The WCS Community & Reintegration Services provides programs which help ex-offenders to develop the skills they need to successfully reenter their communities.

  • Benedict Center – This is an interfaith, non profit community that works with female ex-offenders.


  • CEC – State run reentry information

  • Compassion for all – Some links that may be helpful

  • Volunteers of America – VOA Northern Rockies provide services for returning citizens and boast a 78% success rate in reentry.

  • Interfaith Good Samaritan – This is a non-profit 501c3 organization serving Albany County, WY. They work with men and women to help them with emergency and financial situations.

  • Avalon Correctional Services – This organization has locations in multiple states, and one of them is in Cheyenne. They provide transitional services to people returning from prison.

  • Second Chance Ministries – They serve Campbell County and are based in Gillette, WY. This ministry provides faith-based services for ex-offenders.

  • Bethel Outreach Ministries – Based in Laramie County, WY. They are a faith based non-profit that provides support for recently released prisoners.

  • Goodwill Wyoming – Goodwill Industries of Wyoming has served the Cowboy State for over 40 years. They assist individuals with disabilities and special needs to be successful in their communities.

  • Wyoming Workforce – The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services website offers a wide range of employment help as well as job skill training

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