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Is it worth the risk?

Not all felonies are alike, ranging in seriousness by classifications, to specific violations codes (charges). Nor are all felonies capital offenses, most are non-violent/non-abusive, low level crimes.

A condition of probation and parole means serving by prudent standards to avoid technical violations for several years. If one is successful, they are no longer on probation.

One condition however is not to have a firearm. Easy right, maybe not. While a reformed person may not have a firearm, what about their spouse,housemate? Should the rights of the family you live with be violated as well?

Good question, especially when you consider on probation and parole you may not consume alcohol, among many other factors. In fact, it could be a technical violation if even you have an empty beer bottle in your trash can, even if it is not yours.

That being said, living with someone who still has their rights poses a great risk to reformed persons being subjected to recidivism.

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