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Justice & Cognitive Dissonance

Do you love entertainment? Sure, we all do. Likely, you would be star struck if you met one of your favorite celebrities in person. Undoubtedly, you would be anxious to ask any questions you could, as quickly as possible.

The last thought on your mind would be to disregard them if they had a prior conviction, more so if it took place many years ago before they were famous. In fact, it is very possible that you may know of it and dismiss it, since after all; they are far too successful now for it to matter, right?

Wesley Snipes failed to pay taxes, Winona Ryder was convicted of Grand Theft, and the late Scott Wieland was convicted of heroin possession and DUI. To some extent, it adds credibility to the rock star or rapper lifestyle it would appear. Lil Kim-Conspiracy & perjury, Hugh Grant-soliciting a prostitute, & we all know about Martha Stewart.

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