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How will our services aid the community?

We are very excited as 2nd chances continues to develop. More & more we are learning just exactly the impact we hope to have in every aspect of our community. Without unity, and education across all communities the significance of the mission may not easily be understood. Check it out below, our comprehensive list of how the community is impacted, can you think of other positive results not listed? Let us know!

Misconceptions on those with convictions:

  • Convictions are primarily committed by violent and dangerous people-false

  • Convictions are primarily nonviolent, non abusive convictions-truth

  • Convictions belong to a certain class of people-false

  • Convictions happen across all communities and is an issue we all need to take ownership of

  • Convictions are a mostly a result of guilt-maybe

  • Convictions are a result of charges, without confidence, without education, without representation a lot of scenarios result, more than the community would assume

  • Maximum sentencing impacts the right people-false

  • Maximum sentencing largely decreases community betterment, in part because the primary affected population are non violent, non abusive and further only takes away from the community

  • Offenders return back to prison because they are intrinsically bad and can’t be reformed-false

  • The majority of reformed people do want to live a life beyond this; however, the rules of probation and parole require living by very strict guidelines that are not required of the average person, 85% of recidivism is a result of a technical violation.

  • Technical violations, such as failing to get a job, having a permanent address to live, or not getting to the Parole Officers appointment in time, are just some of those technical violations that can result in recidivism. Getting access to jobs, residence, credit, technical communication or transportation are major obstacles upon returning to the community.

What sets us apart:

  • We specifically address recidivism by acting as a nonprofit placement agency

  • We’ll work with existing partners to strengthen their mission & utilizing their services for training and resources to maximize impact

  • We will offer virtual and transient services

  • A need will exist for our services despite FCRA law changes for KY State, or expungment changes

2nd Chances value & projected impact


• Gross domestic output impact

• Reduced risk of outsourcing/Revenue loss

• Increased safety as hierarchy of needs are fulfilled

• Consistency/fairness compared to other progressed states e.g. FCRA

(Criminal convictions are reportable indefinitely, unless your state provides otherwise.)

• Fulfills job gap/increases revenue (largest % of population slated to retire in the next 5-10 years)


• Lowered expense

• Increased revenue/commerce

• Progression

• National attention/positive PR

• Increased community safety

• Lowered poverty/ lowered social service utilization

• Job gap fulfillment/increase in state revenue

• Reduction in criminal interstate issues/extradition expenses

• Paid training programs for incarcerated put toward utilization


• Reduced overcrowding

• Less liability

• Great PR

• Budget utilization for optimal results

• Impact reach

• Partner resource utilization

• Prison training program training utilization


• Reduced tax dollars on prisons

• Additional tax paying citizens increasing state and federal revenue

• Cultural reduction through generations

• Empowers individual/family/community

• Learning opportunity, proactive stance on true reform

• Reduces community risk & safety issues, addresses hierarchy of immediate needs

• Cohesion

• Knowledge


• WOTC tax credit (2,400 per employee)

• Works in tandem to our local business (local commerce)

• Indirect marketing (publicly listed as affiliate in our marketing)

• Available training programs at lower cost

• Fills needed positions

• Gain loyal workers

• Acting as a social responsible organization

• Value

• Again, resolves imminent worker gap; largest portion of population to exit market in the next 5-10 years

• Reduces loss to competitors in other states, as telecommuting is becoming conventional


• Reinforced Mission

• Marketing/PR

• Service utilization/gain resource

• Reach/Scope of mutual impact

• Access to new & innovative nonprofit metrics

• Fulfills job gap

Reformed Citizen

• Legitimate income

• Provide to family

• Consistency & structure

• Empowerment

• Objectives

• Camaraderie

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