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We Cannot Imprison Our Way To Safety. Reform, Bipartisan Support For Criminal Justice

Mandatory minimums, borderline misdeamonr/felony crimes, severe life long penalties long after sentence & probation for decades after a crime is committed such as lifelong criminal background checks; this does not even touch upon instances of duress, wrongful conviction, and the like. More now than ever criminal reform is becoming unwaverlying in bipartisan support.

Instances like Cash For Kids is less uncommon when you consider juevinels as well as adults, but considering these folks don't have a voice, you'd likely not pay attention. That is, until it happens to you or someone you love.

The concept of "bad" or "good" ins't as clear of a concept as we'd like it to be, specifically not in the large volumes of people we impison long term, it's lesser of the incarcered that pose a serious risk.. We have all made mistakes, we are not bad for it, we are simply more experienced for it. That being said, this is in no way enouraging a lack of acocuntability. Ceretainly penalties should be imposed, experience comes from learning indeed. Once you learn to be sorry, where do you go from there if you cannot be accepted or move on?

This change is inevitable, evidence supports that recidism leaves communities less likely to be safe, and more likely to in debt of a vicious cycle with a faiure to understand what is happening from the inside out. The War on crime trend was a sensationalized tactic that detroyed lives in it's path, the prodominate crimes being nonviolent drug offenders, failure ot pay child support, by and large not the thugs you envison.

Listen to the experienced persons who have been there, instead of being dismissive. Listen to statistics, do your research, and at the very least, have an educated opinion that contributes, rather than a failure to even try to understand at the risk of yourself, your children, & your community. Refrain from cognotive dissonace, consider a slow yes instead of a fast no. Years of senstationalism can't be undone overnight.

Check out the links below for more information on the points mentioned in this blog.


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